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Across the South Property Search logo A large brick house with white window frames, green front door with white porch, and small trees on each side of the door
A large country home, a glass and stone commercial building, and a white terrace property

“You went well beyond what we ever envisaged a property search agent would actually do” – Former client

Finding the perfect property is stressful particularly if you have a busy lifestyle.  By choosing Across the South Property Search as your homefinder, you will receive benefits that people searching for properties independently will miss out on.


  • By acting as your buying agents, you’ll immediately be recognised as serious purchasers; imperative in a competitive situation and they’ll know as buying agents we’ll move swiftly and deliver.


  • As property search agents we hear about properties before they come into the market through our extensive network so you can be first in the queue.  Vendors also often contact us as buying agents to sell privately.


  • As your relocation agent, we’ll do all the hard work involved in searching for suitable properties and with the scarcity of houses can introduce you to areas you may not have considered in London, Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.


  • Our job as buying agents is to ensure you’re paying the correct price and purchasing the right property and we’ll negotiate hard on your behalf.  It’s a skill of presentation and interpretation.   As a mediator we can also alleviate awkward situations.


  • As your homefinder, we’ll vet the property rigorously and speak to Planners if you want to convert the outhouse or cut down trees and alert you to the legislation required if for example you want to run a bed and breakfast.  We’ll also help you find the best school, locate the best riding-out and provide local information to get you settled.    


  • We know the solicitors, surveyors, currency brokers and other professionals who will get the job done; protracted conveyancing will jeaopardise a purchase and as your buying agents we’ll deal with any issues arising whether it’s retrospective planning issues, chasing missing paperwork, a renegotiation after survey and we’ll advise you when to transfer funds, redirect the telephone etc.  


  • After you’ve settled in, we’ll remain a point of contact for any issues, in London, Hampshire, Sussex, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.